Tutorials(find) and Tips

 Here are some a lot of tutorials what I'm read/watched and liked (a messy list lol)
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*~ When you make a new mesh, don't forgot: the texture sizes supported are 1, 2, 4 ,8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 512 and 1024 pixels. Invalid sizes of textures can result in black/brown meshes in game!

No-tutorial, but they're useful links:

Sims 3 Object Catalog by TSRwiki

Meshing (and Milkshape): Troubleshooting & Tips by orangemittens(MTS)

About Smoothing Groups by Cyclonesue(TSR)

Assign mesh vertices to joints by Cyclonesue(TSR)

UV Mapping by Cyclonesue(TSR)

Unwrapping(UVmaps) by Cyclonesue(TSR)

UV maps size by Cyclonesue(TSR)

About textures for plants leaves by riccinumbers(TSR)

Some 3D modeling softwares


Landscaping Mega Tutorial by Qbuilderz(MTS) with game/world tool

Modifying Recolorable Areas by Jynx(CustomSims3) with S3PE

How To Clone A Painting And Change the Texture by Xanathon(SimsWiki) with S3PE

Custom Paintings with EA Meshes by Vanilla Sim(TSR) with TSRW

Multicolor Makeup Tutorial by Gosik(TSR) with TSRW

Adding / Editing Slots by Flabaliki(TSSupply) with TSRW

Bone Assignments by Flabaliki(TSSupply) with milkshape

Quick Meshing: Advanced Steps by daluved1(TSSupply) with milkshape

In Depth Meshing (Part 1) by Flabaliki(TSSupply) with TSRW
In Depth Meshing (Part 2) by Flabaliki (TSSupply) with TSRW

Multi-Part Meshes by daluved1(TSSupply) with milkshape

Quick Meshing Part 1 by daluved1(TSSupply) with milkshape and CAStextureUnitool
Quick Meshing Part 2 by daluved1(TSSupply) with milkshape and CAStextureUnitool

Texturing Your "Quick Mesh" by daluved1(TSSupply) with milkshape and CAStextureUnitool

Meshing in TSR Workshop by Flabaliki(TSSupply) with TSRW

DDS Files for plant meshing by riccinumbers(TSR) with TSRW

In Depth Clothing Re-Texturing by Sinastra(TSR) with TSRW

Creating Paintings with Multiple Images Part1 by cmomoney(MTS) with S3PE
Creating Paintings with Multiple Images Part2 by cmomoney(MTS) with S3PE

Making of : Texturing and Mapping in details by anouschka(MTS) with milkshape and TS3PE

TS3 Basic HowTo Mesh Guide by EllaCharm3d(MTS)  with S3OC

Object Creation Part 1: The Beginner's Guide To by riccinumbers(TSR) with TSRW(need download, PDF file)
 Object Creation Part 2: Object Textures by Cyclonesue(TSR) with TSRW(need download, PDF file)

basic hair meshing by ulker(TSR) with TSRW

Autogenerate Sunshadows Tutorial by Murano(TSR) with TSRW

How to create a RGBA stencil mask by Murano(TSR) with Photoshop
A Beginners Guide on How to Mesh for The Sims 3, From Start to Finish (inc. pics) by Flabaliki(MTS)  with S3OC and Milkshape


Preparing Mesh Files for Workshop by Jonesi(Black Pearl Sims) with Milkshape and TSRW

Sims 3 Pose Creation or [LINK](SimsWiki) with Milkshape or Blender, AnimTool and S3PE

How to make your own patterns for Sims 3(KelinPaige) with Paint.NET and Delphys Pattern Maker
Sims 3 Create A Pattern Tool Tutorial( with Create a Pattern Tool

Editando/Criando Objetos no TSR Workshop by Nandonalt(KachuSims) with TSRW and Milkshape
Utilizando a ferramenta Create-A-Pattern by ABProduções(KachuSims) with Create a Pattern Tool

Criando roupas e cabelos para o The Sims 3(Em Modelagem) by felipevip(KachuSims) with Milkshape and TSRW

Criando quadros no The Sims 3 by Nandonalt(KachuSims) with Adobe Photoshop, S3PE, S3OC

Criando Padrões - Iniciante - Photoshop by Nandonalt(KachuSims) with Adobe Photoshop and TSRW


Adding Glass to Objects by Murano(TSR) with TSRW